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The Forbidden Rites is a campaign world setup to sort of rethink the modern concepts of most D&D/Tolkien style worlds. Though the world seems familiar with its Elves, Dwarves and Orcs it is at its core much like a movie that is retold to freshen up the story and put a modern twist to it. In here you’ll find Dragons and the like, but no assumptions should be made as to their habits and even powers because they have all been rethought, reordered and prepared for reuse in unique and interesting ways.

In the Forbidden Rites campaign there exists a passage of ages, a ceremony that passes the power to shape the world from the dusk of one age to the dawn of a new one. Each time this happens there are secrets of the cosmos that are kept in and held forbidden by all to recite. Only by discovering these passages for itself is a race of creatures able to force a changing of the guard.

The known time line and most of this is just theory by those that study these dark things is as follows.

  • 1. The Old Ones became aware: These cosmic beings began to stir from eternal sleeps and became enlightened. They destroyed and recreated everything they came in contact with. Until one day they simply ceased to be part of our universe. Who knows where they went?
  • 2. The Primal Beings absorbed the chaos: The fallout from the Old Ones resulted in many strange and wondrous creations, not the least of which were the Elementals and their kin.
  • 3. The Ancients: From the mixtures of the elements sprang “Life” as we know it. It was rooted in the trees of the earth, the rays from the sun, the bodies of lakes and oceans and the life spreading touch of the winds. From this realm the plants and microbes ruled the planet.
  • 4. The Wild Ones: From the nourishment of plants and bacteria came insects and animals. From these sprang the first signs of “Intelligent” life.
  • 5. The Fallen: From intelligence came the first moral ideals of “good and evil”. The world was ruled by chaos but from Chaos sprang Order. This was the rule of angels, avatars, demons and dragons.
  • 6. The Chosen: Order chose its champions and the master races struck down chaos. Sealing there place as rulers of the land. There they created the balance and sought to keep them selves in check where other ages had failed.
  • 7. The New Dawning: The current age is nigh upon us as the master races show signs of weakening. The rise of a new power is at hand, that of the humans or perhaps that which they begat in death would be the obvious wearers of the crown. It would seem the very “balance” the gods sought may be their undoing in the end.

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