A long dead emperor from the golden ages, his followers believe that he will return to the living and usher in the time of man.


In the dawn of the current age, man was first born. A golden gift of the gods, he was to be the crowning creation of all their efforts. They made him strong, smart and adaptable and in their wisdom they also made him diverse so that unlike the races of Dwarves or Elves or even Orcs he would be armed with the ability to face the tides of change unlike any of them.

But one amongst them, one of their own godly blood, secretly plotted against the Gods and in the creation of man he planted the seeds of greed, envy, hate and madness and a very short time on this earth to accomplish the deeds they desired.

So fast grew the race of man that they tamed the wilds and built fortifications in mass and their power surged before the Master races were even ready to talk about what to do with them.

From their midst came great warlords and emperors the likes of which the current age had not seen. At first they made war only with themselves, their ideals and faiths clashing non-stop, establishing their laws and ways by force of will and steel was their way of life.

Then came a great warlord, Xi’Den. A powerful charismatic leader from the Northlands. He sought power and he received it. Village after village fell under his iron rule, then even well armed townships succumbed; it is said that by time he came to be ruler of the world he arrived at the Gates of Khyber itself and not a single archer released an arrow.

But he grew bored and he began to age and he began to loathe the gods for creating him. He retreated into dark places and was seldom seen. He began to lose control of his kingdoms and he no longer cared. He uncovered a secret left behind by many wise men before him. Etched markings in strange stones, passages of rambling babble in books left in dark corners and coffins of men. He saw the strands of fate with his own eyes and he began to spiral into the void. No longer was he in touch with just humans but with creatures of other ages and other times with mind sets so alien it can not be comprehended. Through dark pacts with others of his kind he unlocked the secrets of the cosmos and made plans with his closest peers to change the universe.

From his dark studies he finally returned, his kingdom in shambles; men rich and bathing in the spoils of wars he had fought. He and his new allies gathered a new army and put them all to the sword; extracting their souls and forging them for war. And with dark secrets not meant for men, he bent their lifeless bodies to his will and bound their souls to his service..their reach was now complete, absolute and inescapable.

The world no longer held any meaning to these dire lords and they sought to replace the gods. It was in this war that Xi’Den would meet his doom. Though he was the father of undeath, he was slain in the throne room of his seat of power Shi’gora and ironically left devoid of all life, an ironic lifeless remnant left to wander aimlessly for all time. His followers were cursed with the icy cold touch of Lichdom by the gods and imprisoned in Shoonach by the demon lord Lothiazar after the gods agreed to give demon kind more power in the current age in exchange for holding the blasphemers for all eternity.

This may prove to be their undoing in the end…

An ancient passage reads: “At the steps of Shi’ghora, rests the meaningless remains of the father of the grave,may he exist in this state for all-time and suffer endlessly in the after-life for the destruction he hath wrought.”


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